Limestone and Slate Hearth And Fireplace


We used an orbital sander with 200 grade abrasive pad to remove all the scratches which took a lot of effort. (the grade number is the number of scratches that occur in a one inch square, ie 200 grade). Once all the scratches were gone we then moved onto a 400 grade Padang repeated the process,  then 800 grade pad making the scratches smaller every time, we finished the whole process with 1200 grade pad which left minute scratches to the slate surfaces which you can't see from the naked eye.

Using this method we can keep a good eye on the grinding process and if any scratches are missed we can go back to the previous grade and remove the scratch. Once the grinding stage was done we then washed the whole hearth down with nu life natural stone cleaner.

We then deep cleaned the limestone surround with nu life wax and residue remover ensuring that any stains and residue was removed.

Once both hearth and surround we're totally dry we applied a solvent based Matt finish impregnator that the customer wished us to use. You can see from our pictures that not only did we remove all the scratches but we left the whole fireplace looking like new again.


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