Grout And Tile Deep Cleaning

Tile And grout Cleaning Bristol

We had a call from a commercial company with a request to clean the grout and tiles in a conservatory in Frenchay, Bristol. Dirty water had got into the conservatory and had been sat on top of the white porcelain tiles with no where to drain away. when we visited the property i soon realised what a task we had to get the grout lines back to the cream colour they were originally. 

The water that had penetrated and the grout was a orange colour and made the grout unsightly especially with the floor having lovely white porcelain tiles all over the Bristol property. I was in two minds as to what procedure we were going to use to remove the stains, but decided on letting a unique solution i know about to dwell the surface and penetrate the grout, then agitate it in using our rotary machine and monster brushes making sure the grout lines were getting loads of attention with the monster brushes.

we spent all day agitating the solution into the grout lines and after a few hours repeating the procedure and also using a grout cleaning brush we started to get the results we were looking for. I was in two minds to seal the grout lines with a grout colour sealer if we could not get the grout lines the cream colour they were originally but with perseverance we got the result we wanted. I reckon we got 98% of the stains out of the grout and i was extremely happy with that. We returned the following day after letting the floor dry before sealing the grout lines. 


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