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Stone Floor Polishing Service Bristol.

Any Natural Stone floor polishing is best undertaken by a professional company, that knows exactly the correct polishing processes for each individual natural stone floor or surface.

Whether you need a marble floor polishing, granite floor polishing, limestone floor polishing or travertine floor polishing to a very high shine, we can help you achieve this with our unrivalled diamond floor polishing service.

We guarantee you an amazing highly shined, reflective, clean and protected natural stone floor that you will be proud of.  We can achieve this for you using only the very best natural stone floor polishing equipment and floor polishing products for your type of stone floor or surface, plus our years of experience in marble floor polishing.

Our natural stone floor polishing service like marble floor polishing, granite floor polishing, travertine floor polishing and limestone floor polishing is available across Bristol, Bath and the whole Southwest, or you can visit our UK site at if you are looking for natural stone floor polishing anywhere else in the UK.

We can restore and polish your marble floor or limestone floor in whatever environment you are in.  Our Bristol marble floor polishing service is widely used in commercial and domestic properties across the region. 

Clean ‘N’ seal Southwest are the professionals you need to contact if you have a marble floor polishing project that needs an experts touch.

Concrete Floor Polishing Professionals

Have you got a dirty old looking concrete floor in your property or are you thinking of having a new one laid? Concrete floors have become widely fashionable over the last decade, they are easy to maintain and look great all year round. Years ago terrazzo floors were very fashionable in older houses and now lots of shopping malls and offices are adopting this easy to clean flooring type.

Concrete grinding and polishing is a highly skilled process and should only be undertaken by professional concrete floor polishing contractors like Clean and Seal Southwest. We can help you get the best out of your concrete floor by following our unique polished concrete process.

Whatever finish you require on a polished concrete floor we can achieve. Although the concrete surface needs to be examined first to make sure that the desired concrete floor polishing finish is achievable on your concrete surface.

To polish a concrete floor the concrete surface has to properly prepped and ready for polishing, you can’t just start polishing a concrete floor and expect to get a nice finish.

The base needs to be grinded using concrete surfacing grinding machines and then the concrete needs hardeners applied prior to any concrete floor polishing process taking place.

Using concrete grinding and polishing techniques used by polished concrete contractors across the UK we can start closing the concrete up using our diamond polishing tools to give your concrete floor the surface finish you desire, from soft matt to high sheen.

Once your concrete floor has been polished to the desired finish we will impregnate the concrete floor to protect it from spills and stains.

<p">Give us a call to discuss your concrete floor or terrazzo floor polishing requirements. We can do a site visit and discuss the best options for your floor type and plan out a concrete polishing service that fits your surroundings.


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